What is the DDD?

The DDD, or Digital Document Repository, makes it possible to access all of the digitally formatted material found in the libraries. It encompasses a diverse collection in regard to media, subjects and typology of documents.

A digital repository is a system for filling and distributing digital material. The main objectives are:

  • Spread information around the world, by means of the Internet, about the results of university research.
  • To motivate the creation and use of internal scientific production.
  • Improve control of the bibliography.
  • Promote electronic publishing.
  • Increase the visibility of documents, authors and of the institutions that support them.
  • Add value to documents by standardised quotations, statistics on queries, permanent addresses and preservation mechanisms.


How to deposit something on the DDD

As researchers, you can deposit the scientific production in the DDD. More information: www.uab.cat/web/research/open-access-uab/repository-readership-map-1345695205706.html

For the Bachelor's degree final projects, follow the instructions of this attached document.

If you are the author of an academic work or a document that could be published in DDD, you can print and fill the form linked below and bring it to your library. We will help you to choose the best procedure to publish your documents.

Permission to deposit single document in the repository DDD
Permission to deposit more than one in the repository DDD

DDD collections at the UAB

The DDS is currently composed by nine different collections:

  • Course material
  • Books and collections
  • Research literature
  • Periodical publications 
  • Articles
  • Meetings and congresses
  • Graphic documents
  • Multimedia
  • Personal archives


Types of acces

All of the documents are freely accessible; access to some documents is limited to UAB network.


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