Computer Networks

Number of ECTS: 6   Price: 720 €
Teaching Language: English Place: Building J
Bellaterra Campus, 08193 Bellaterra

Teaching Period: 26 June to 14 July


Teacher: Sergi Robles, Carlos Borrego and M. Carmen Toro

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Contents overview

Computer networks, and Internet in particular, have become a basic tool for all knowledge disciplines. In this course, we are going to analyse how they are designed and how they operate, focussing on the networks using the TCP/IP protocol family (internet). The topic will be addressed from three different perspectives: the interconnection of networks, the end-to-end interaction of computers, and user applications.

The main objective of this course is that students get an overall vision of the main concepts related to heterogeneous computer networks, their interconnection, the protocols they use, and the basic development of network software. When finishing this course, students will be able to design extensive and robust internets, to configure networks, to detect and solve network problems due to misconfiguration or attacks to their protocols, and to develop the basic communication component of applications.

The student is expected to attend to classes, to solve a list of problems at home, to pass two tests and a final exam, and to develop three practical exercises in the lab.

Week 1

  • Unit 1: Computer Networks
  • Unit 2: Internet Protocol
  • Lab project 1: Network Administration

Week 2

  • Unit 3: End-to-end Protocols
  • Unit 4: Applications
  • Lab project 2: Simulation

Week 3

  • Unit 5: Advanced Routing
  • Unit 6: Security Considerations, and beyond Computer Networks.
  • Lab project 3: Network Programming

Teaching / learning activities
Week 1

  • Activities in class
  • Problem solving
  • Lab assignment 1: Network administration

Week 2

  • Test Week 1
  • Activities in class
  • Problem solving
  • Lab assignment 2: Simulation

Week 3

  • Test Week 2
  • Activities in class
  • Problem solving
  • Lab assignment 3: Network programming
  • Final test
The evaluation of the course consists of the following parts (the weight over the final mark is indicated in parenthesis):
Theory: Test Week 1 (25%), Test Week 2 (25%), Final Test (25%)
Lab: Assignment 1 (10%), Assignment 2 (5%), Assignment 3 (10%)
The evaluation will take place during the last week of the course.

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