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Student card

  • The student card identifies you as a UAB student and it's a tool for all university community members that grants free access to the university services.  When you enroll for the first time at the UAB you must provide a standard passport sized colour photograph, with a print quality of professional standard and fill in the form. You will be able to use the card until you finish your studies.

    You can also link your card with some banking services. This is a personal decision and can be withdrawn at any time. If you do not link it, you can pick it up at the SLIPI of your faculty or school, and if you do, CatalunyaCaixa will inform you where to pick it up. Bear in mind that you will need to bring a valid and original ID document with you (passport, driving license, DNI...).

    With your university identification number (NIU), which is written on the card and your password (retrieve it here) you will be able to access UAB intranet or use the university online service to check out your grades and academic record or to access the Virtual Campus, etc.)
Els serveis que t'ofereix són:

• Identificar-te com a membre de la comunitat universitària
• Accedir a molts dels serveis del campus (biblioteques, reserva de material, etc.)
• Gaudir d'avantatges i descomptes en serveis comercials
• Incorporar, si així ho decideixes, les prestacions financeres de CatalunyaCaixa. En aquest cas, el carnet passa a ser una targeta Visa Electron amb molts avantatges addicionals. Pots trobar més informació a:
Tel: 902 40 88 40
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