Joaquim Romaguera

Joaquim Romaguera collection (Barcelona 1941-2006) at Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives

Historian, writer, film critic, researcher and jazz enthusiast. A wise and multifaceted man, between 1969 and 1981 joined the team responsible for the International Week of Cinema in Barcelona. Honorary member of the Catalan Federation of Cineclubs, wrote numerous articles and books on film history, his great passion.

In 2008, the Joaquim Romaguera i Ramió's film library was transferred to UAB by his wife, Roser Vendrell, and his sons, who considered appropriate that this important cinema collection became part of the UAB Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives.

This document collection is comprised of a large series of cinema history books, especially about Spanish and Catalan cinema. The journal collection includes the best titles about cinema at international, national and local levels.

The large number of dossiers on various subjects gives us an idea of his gathering task collecting documents for their use in his ongoing research. Dossiers focus on film festivals, the filmmaker's centenary, the cinema of Latin America, the precursors, film writers and directors, motion pictures, etc. as well as all documentation used in his two most illustrating books: Diccionari del cinema a Catalunya and Silenci, rodem: història del cinema a les comarques de Girona. Some of the donated dossiers remain untouched and can be a source of information for future research.

The Romaguera Collection's documents are kept on deposit at the Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives and you need to ask for them from the UAB Catalog.

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