Resources for job seeking

The Library and Treball Campus make available to you a set of resources targeted to help you in your job search in the area of your studies. These are classified as follows:
  • Generalist portals where offers for all kind of professionals and industries are available.
  • Specialized portals are those of the professional sector.
  • Companies for self-candidacy are those where you can send the resume.
  • Professional networks, where you will find the main virtual communities to establish business contacts.
  • Professional associations and colleges, a meeting point for professionals in the same sector.
You can also find resources for working in other European countries and  the world.
Should you prefer it, you can view the complete database with all selected links.
Should you like to provide any additional information or a new link, please send an e-mail to
 Job portals 
Specialized portals
Companies for cv submission
Professional associations
  Portals           Additional info
Buscojobs España     Buscojobs internacional
Empleo El País           El País - Monster
Expansión y empleo       Emprendedores&Empleo
Feina activa       Gencat és treball
Infoempleo El Blog del Empleo
InfoJobs       Blog de candidatos
Blog de empresas      
Monster en España Red Monster
Oficina de empleo    
Primer empleo      
Quiero empleo
Spanish Commerce Chambers
Randstad España     Observatorio empresarial
SNTalent   Blog SN Talent
StudentJob España        
Trabajar         Red Trabajar
Universia Emplea         Blog de Empleo
Ya encontré
Godó Group

Working in the Public Administration
Web Trabajo UK           Consejería de Empleo
y Seguridad Social en
el Reino Unido

Job crawlers        

Donkiz | | Indeed | Jobrapido | Opción Empleo | Trovit

Employment services        
Porta22 - Barcelona City        
Portal Excellence - Cerdanyola del Vallès City        
SEPE - Spain        
Servei d'Ocupació de Catalunya (SOC)            
Sistema Nacional de Empleo            
Vapor Llonch - Sabadell City        
Other information sources        
Top Employers        
Europe bulletin board: employment        
Resources for EU careers        
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