The Documentary Centre for Communication (CEDOC) is a collection composed of 29,183 cataloged books, brochures and posters and 9,227 periodical publicationsThese are documents for analysing the contemporary political situation in Catalonia and Spain. There is material on more than 300 political parties, unions, youth movements, neighbours associations, NGOs and municipal organisations. The centre has documents on local, regional, general, and European Parliament election campaigns and referendums.

Two sorts of documents stand out among this batch: periodicals and posters, both digitalized and available in open access through DDD:

- Regarding the periodicals, emphasize the Catalan politics press, basically from the Franco dictatorship period and from the 60s and 70s. An important part of this batch comes from the Viladot collection formed by anti-Franco press and other documentation collected by the journalist Albert Viladot and donated by her widow to the UAB in 1993. You're also invited to check the virtual exhibition Clandestine politics press produced by the Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives.

-The Political posters collection reflects mainly the political activity of the Spanish transition to democracy period. The collection gathers political ads from different political elections (local, regional and nationwide), ads from the different political parties, trade unions and other social associations.

Posters of the Spanish Civil War is a reference database that aims to be a collective catalog of posters of the Republic and the Spanish Civil War and simultaneously a tool to facilitate the work of researchers. The collections comes from both public and private centers.


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