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Derecha de Cataluńa: monarchists in favour of King Alfonso XIII and against the Second Spanish Republic and the Autonomy of Catalonia (1931-1936)

Derecha de Cataluña was the party representing the monarchists in favour of King Alfonso XIII during the Second Spanish Republic. It contributed with financial and human resources to the military uprising and participated ideologically in the politics of the first decade of Franco’s regime, supporting all efforts to suspend the autonomy of Catalonia and the laws derived from it.



The Role of Spatial Location in Visual Working Memory

Visual working memory is involved in tasks in which we engage daily and it is related to a variety of skills. This research studied the mechanism by which the brain integrates different visual characteristics of objects which are processed separately and independently of their spatial location.



How the World's Largest Salamander Feed?

An international team has developed three-dimensional models of the bite of the world's largest living amphibian, the Chinese giant salamander, an endangered animal. Understanding how this species hunts not only broadens the knowledge of its biology but can also help in reconstructing how early tetrapods and extinct amphibians fed.



Biological Hydrogen and Energy Production from Sewage

Researchers from the UAB have managed to produce electrical energy and hydrogen efficiently from the sewage treatment process. The proposed system uses bacteria which consume organic matter and produce electric current, thereby enabling the production of hydrogen. The results point to an industrial scale development of this technology.


3Q: Paul Robbins play play

3Q: Paul Robbins

Paul Robbins, Director of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Considered to be one of the most renowned researchers in the emerging field of political ecology. [ + Videos ]

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