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Exchange Students Circuit:

Dates of year 2016-2017:
1r semester: classes from September 12 until December 21, exams in January 2017
2n semester: classes from February 2 until May 12, exams in June 2017

Before your arrival at UAB:
You have to be officially nominated by your university.
2) Application form:  http://sia.uab.cat "Sign in and Application form Incoming students”.
3) Pre-enrolment at the Faculty (Before your arrival - in July or in December - you will receive an e-mail with detailed information)

What to do when you get here:
4) Go to the International Welcome Point (IWP) situated in "Plaça Civica", open 9.30 to 15. (IWP can be very busy, so please, go to the IWP, at least, one day before your enrolment, date)

5) Attend an Information Meeting September 7, at 13h, room 12 
6) Go to the Faculty (Gestió Acadèmica) in your Enrolment Appointment:
* Enrol in the courses. 
* Provide the documents: copy Passport or ID card, copy of Health Insurance Card and a Photo
* Hand in the documents that have to be signed (you will receive and email when signed) 
* IMPORTANT: Please, do not come to the Faculty until your Enrolment appointment date (see bottom of page for Enrolment list)

7) Go to the Punt d'Informació i Suport Logístic (SLIPI) of the Faculty to pick up your Student card (15 days after your arrival at UAB)   

What to do before you go back home:
8) Hand in the documents that have to be signed at Gestió Acadèmica (at least one week before your departure). The document has to be leaved and picked up by the student him/herself. Please be aware that you will need 2 appointments:

9) The Transcript of records will be sent to your university once the exams period has finished.

Academic Information:

Language of the courses: At the bottom of the page you will find a list of courses in English. Regarding the other courses you have to wait until your arrival at UAB in order to ask the teachers.

Courses that you can follow:
- during your stay you have to choose at least 50% of your courses at our Faculty 
- if your stay is only for one semester, you can not follow Annual courses
- you can follow courses of our both grades ("Political Sciences and Public Management" and "Sociology")
- you can choose courses of any of the academic years (from 1st year to 4th year)

ECTS: Annual courses  have 12 ECTS and Semestral courses have 6 ECTS

Study Guides:
Political Science and Public Management


Schedules and Exams:
Regarding exams, p
lease be caretul, always look at the information in the Study Guides and follow the teachers intructions.

Additional Information: 

Enrolment Matricula 2016-2017 (pdf: 0,5 MB)
Faculty Guide IN (pdf: 0,5 MB)
Courses in English 2016-17 (pdf: 0,5 MB)
PPT Exchange Students MeetingN (vnd.ms-powerpoint: 0,5 MB)
Coordinator Schedule (msword: 0,5 MB)
Enrolment Form (pdf: 0,5 MB)
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