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  • Author: TV3
    Date: Abril 2015
    Time: 01:55 
    Size: 15 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

    TV3: Cannabis Consumers Show Greater Susceptibility to False Memories
    A new study conducted by researchers from the IIB Sant Pau and UAB demonstrates for the first time that they have a less active hippocampus, a key structure related to the storage of memories.
  • Author: Dinamitzaciˇ ComunitÓria UAB
    Date: Abril 2015
    Time: 02:17 
    Size: 21 MB
    Type: video/x-flv 

    Sant Jordi a l'Aut˛noma 2015
    Sant Jordi a l'Autònoma 2015



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