Environment and Preservation

Environmental Study of the Use of the Water Network in Small and Medium Municipalities

Understanding the patterns of consumption of water and electricity in water supply networks is needed to determine which factors influence the environmental impacts reduce its environmental burdens. The article presents general information and defines models for estimating variables such as power consumption or the length of the network in small and medium municipalities.



Women and Political Power: an incomplete investiture

This thesis studied the experiences and discourses of women who, breaking all expectations, have achieved to occupy some of the most important and representative offices of Colombian politics. It also wanted to show them as actors, political subjects who are part of a system of power which moves more than half of the population outside from the sphere of decision-making.


Medicine and Health

Adjustment of Fragility Fracture Risk Assessment Tool

In Western societies, an increase in fragility fractures is associated with increased life expectancy. The WHO published in 2008 a tool to identify people with greater risk of fragility fracture and prioritise preventative actions among the most vulnerable groups. This thesis proposes a calibration of this tool for the Spanish female population.


Art and History

Derecha de Cataluńa: monarchists in favour of King Alfonso XIII and against the Second Spanish Republic and the Autonomy of Catalonia (1931-1936)

Derecha de Cataluña was the party representing the monarchists in favour of King Alfonso XIII during the Second Spanish Republic. It contributed with financial and human resources to the military uprising and participated ideologically in the politics of the first decade of Franco’s regime, supporting all efforts to suspend the autonomy of Catalonia and the laws derived from it.


3Q: Paul Robbins play play

3Q: Paul Robbins

Paul Robbins, Director of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Considered to be one of the most renowned researchers in the emerging field of political ecology. [ + Videos ]

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