Environment and Preservation

Fire Itself Can Be a Vaccine Against Catastrophic Forest Fires

A recent study from CREAF, Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya, and the UAB warns that if the continuity of forest vegetation cover over large parts of the territory is not reduced with urgency, catastrophic fires will become more and more common. Allowing spontaneous fires to burn under controlled conditions could help resolve the problem.


Environment and Preservation

Relationship Between Oceanic Biological Productivity and Nutrient Input

For some years now, research has been conducted on the relationship between oceanic biological productivity and the entry of nutrients. Recently, the study of three sediment cores from the Subantarctic South Atlantic Ocean have allowed researchers to interpret the stimulation of productivity as a direct response to dust supply (source of Fe micro-nutrients) in the region.


Telecommunications, Electronics and Computer Science

Virtual and Real World Adaptation for Pedestrian Detection

Pedestrian detection is a key component of systems present in many markets such as the automotive and surveillance that involves a tiresome collection and annotation of large amount of data required for its training. A research proposes a novel method that allows the adaptation of a detector model trained with data collected from a video game to successfully work with real world data.


Art and History

Obtaining Wood in Banyoles Area during the Neolithic

UAB researchers have studied the remains of charred wood recovered from the site of La Draga (Banyoles), occupied during the period 5300-5000 BC, to discover the use of environmental resources of the first farming communities in the peninsular NE, which had been determined by accessibility and abundance of species, as well as by the properties of the wood.


3Q: Andrew Rowan play play

3Q: Andrew Rowan

Andrew Rowan is President of Humane Society International and Chief International Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of the Humane Society. With a PhD in Biochemistry from Oxford University, in 2002 he received the Henry Spira Award from the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing. [ + Videos ]

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