Health, Space and Ways of Life in Old Age

Demographic ageing has social, economic and political challenges. This thesis addresses the phenomenon using an alternative approach focused on its qualitative aspect based on the concept of active aging, which aims to promote social and labour participation, autonomy and independent living for the elderly.



Contributions to the Automated Analysis of Large Volumes of Data

This thesis is basically a study of the search for automatisms in different algorithms. The works that form the thesis have an important common goal: to obtain the highest possible quality in results when replacing the usual (manual) method in the analysis of large volumes of data for the corresponding automatic method, which shows several advantages over the former.



Why Do Some People Purchase a Private Health Insurance?

Why do some people buy private health insurance when there is a free public health system? This article develops and tests a theoretical model that predicts that people more likely to use health services will buy private insurance. The data from the UK tells us that it is the preference for health what drives this decision and not the true health status.



Study of Gaseous Emissions from Composting Sludge

Biological treatment of waste water generates large amounts of sludge rich in organic matter and certain chemicals.This composition rends sludge an ideal waste to be valorised through composting. This article has studied the emissions during the composting process of two types of sludge produced in wastewater treatment plants.


3Q: Andrew Rowan play play

3Q: Andrew Rowan

Andrew Rowan is President of Humane Society International and Chief International Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of the Humane Society. With a PhD in Biochemistry from Oxford University, in 2002 he received the Henry Spira Award from the Johns Hopkins Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing. [ + Videos ]

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