Negative Information in Mate-Choice Copying

Choosing whom to mate with is one of the most important decisions for any living organism, especially for females, for whom the costs of reproduction are generally higher. The classical models of female mate choice evolution assume that their preferences are genetically innate and that they will never change, but empirical evidence suggests it is not so.


Animal Science

Effect of Heat Stress on Dairy Goats

Due to climate change, increased frequency and intensity of heat waves in the future is expected. The research results show clear differences in the characteristics of the milk of Murciano-Granadin goats subjected to heat stress and benefits of using soybean oil to improve the properties of their milk.



Family as a Social Determinant of Subjective Health in Spain

Intermediate factors or mediator contexts in health have proven to be particularly relevant in the analysis of health inequalities in advanced societies where mortality has very low levels. This thesis focuses on the role of family as a social determinant of inequalities in subjective health in Spain.



Spanish Colonial Policy Toward Slavery in Morocco (1880-1930)

After the formal abolition of slavery in the American colonies, Spain was confronted again with the phenomenon when the colonial penetration in Morocco began in the late nineteenth century. Results of this research, based on colonial sources, show the ambivalence of the Spanish policy toward the phenomenon after the creation of the Protectorate of Morocco in 1912.


Learning languages while you cook play play

Learning languages while you cook

Two researchers from the UAB worked on the European LanCook project, a new method to learn languages while cooking. With the help of digital technology, this new method promotes learning languages in real-life situations. [ + Videos ]

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