Biological Hydrogen and Energy Production from Sewage

Researchers from the UAB have managed to produce electrical energy and hydrogen efficiently from the sewage treatment process. The proposed system uses bacteria which consume organic matter and produce electric current, thereby enabling the production of hydrogen. The results point to an industrial scale development of this technology.



European Regional Security Complex in Relation to Terrorist Threats

Is the European Union a complex of regional security in relation to the threats of Islamic terrorism and weapons of mass destruction? This is the main question of a doctoral thesis which has analysed the strategic and security practices of certain actors with regional capacity, such as the EU and NATO, as well as France, UK, Spain, Italy and Germany.



Importance of Gender and Regional Differences in the Use of Forest Resources

A new study about the gender differentiation in the use of forest products in various regions of the world indicates that men and women in rural livelihoods contribute almost equally to the value of family income from unprocessed forest products, although there are strong differences in this aspect among regions of Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America.



Production of Toxin-Free Bacterial Amyloid

Inclusion bodies or amyloids are nanostructured protein aggregates produced inside a cell, frequent in certain bacteria, and with interesting biomedical applications. A study has developed several toxin-free E. coli strains from which amyloids free from potentially hazardous cell contaminants have been produced.


3Q: Paul Robbins play play

3Q: Paul Robbins

Paul Robbins, Director of the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies at the University of Wisconsin. Considered to be one of the most renowned researchers in the emerging field of political ecology. [ + Videos ]

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