History of Science

Standardisation in the Model Prison of Barcelona before 1936

This doctoral thesis examines a series of activities that sought to sound out the inner side of prisoners of the Model Prison of Barcelona with the aim of correcting the thinking and behaviour of inmates and proves the existence of a technology allowing to explore the psychological thinking of criminals. Moreover, the success of the standardisation can be evaluated based on politicised prisoners’ resistance.


Art and History

The Urban Social Movement in Barcelončs Nord (1954-1987)

The towns of Barcelonès Nord underwent a large population growth beginning in the 1940s. The fight against substandard housing and lack of basic services, along with the action of grassroots Catholic organisations and anti-Franco activists, favoured the formation of a strong sense of collective identification and a powerful urban social movement.



New Device for Cytochrome c Detection

In recent years many devices have been developed to detect very small concentrations of elements, compounds or substances, such as biosensors, which are based on biological recognition systems. The authors of this study have developed a particular type of biosensor, that uses aptamers, for the detection of cytochrome c, a protein with important functions.



Physical Exercise and Diet in Animal Models: Emotional, Physiological and Cognitive Effects

A sedentary lifestyle could be considered one of the great epidemics of the century. In the past 100 years, technological advances and socioeconomic development have shaped society, eliminating much of the physical work and altering eating habits. This thesis aims to analyze the physical activity recommendations made by global health organizations in a basic research model.


3Q Alejandro García-Reidy play play

3Q Alejandro García-Reidy

Alejandro García Reidy was the one to discover a manuscript copy of Mujeres y criados (Women and Servants), a comedia by Lope de Vega. He is Assistant Professor at Syracuse University and researcher of the PROLOPE Group of the UAB, where he also is professor of the PhD programme in Spanish Studies. [ + Videos ]

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