Course bibliography


What it is and what consists of?

The Course Bibliography is the list of documents that lecturers recommend their students in each of the subjects taught during the academic year.
To publicize the available bibliography a module has been implemented that makes it possible to know in an easy way which recommended documents are available at the libraries. It specifies in real time the availability status of a document.

From where it can be accessed?

You can perform the query directly from the option Course bibliography (*eng/r)
You can also access the Virtual Campus ( At the welcome page you can clik and you’ll be directed to the list of subjects that you teach or are enroled to. There, from each subject, you can access the academic guide or the course bibliography.


? How to search course bibliography?

At the course bibliography search page in the catalog there are two options:

* By name or code of the subject
* By lecturer

How can we get recommended documents??

From the home page of the subject. clicking on the linked titles you will be directed to the UAB catalog where you can see the complete bibliographic information of the documents, available copies, their location and loan status.

? Does it include all the course bibliography of each subject?

No, only those documents that are catalogued in the UAB library catalog.

? Why can’t I find the recommended document I’m looking for?

* Because it is not yet in the buying process
* Because the document has not been commercialized: discontinued, unmarketed, out of stock ...
* Because it is an article contained in a journal and the search has to be made for the journal title in the catalog .
* Because the bibliographic citation provided is incorrect.

There may also have been changes that have not been communicated to the library.

In any case, you can always suggest purchasing the document you are looking for by filling the acquisition form you will find at the end of the course bibliography page for the subject.


I am PDI and I want to make changes (add or remove documents recommended) to the course bibliography for a subject that I teach and/or I want to add course bibliography for a new subject. What should I do?

You must use the form ( at the end of the course bibliography page for the subject. If the subject is new and it’s not yet there, you can find the same form at the Forms ( and you can send the new course bibliography to the libraries.

I am a / student and can not find the subject I am interested on. What should I do?

Notify your faculty library and tell the lecturer that teaches the subject.

I found what I want but it is on loan, what can I do?

Do a search in the catalog ( to see if there are other editions or versions of the document you may be interested on. Meanwhile you can make a reservation of the document on loan.